Why We Ask ”R U OK” at Binah

The power of a conversation

Often those who are considering taking their own lives are experiencing intense feelings of isolation or abandonment that wall them off from their friends, family and loved ones. RUOK Day was created to help break through those walls, because a simple conversation has the potential to save a life. That small action of reaching out and asking someone how they were doing, if they were okay, was often all that was needed to get them to open up about what was hurting them, or at least to recognise that there were people in their lives looking out for them.

RUOK Day is not meant to fix what’s causing people grief or to ‘cure’ their depression, but to merely show them that there is a door out of their current situation, and that you’re there to help them through the process. Especially in cultures and industries that prize strength and resilience, discussion of depression and mental illness is often stigmatised. This means people can feel reluctant to open up about their struggles or
to take the time to ask their, leaving those who need help the most to suffer alone and silently. RUOK Day is designed to help push through that stigma, offering a simple, friendly way of checking up on people that doesn’t make them feel burdened to disclose anything they don’t want to. Taking an active role in looking out for your friends, family and loved ones is what the day is all about – it’s about being that little bit more observant about what your friend says and how they say it, and maybe helping them take the first step toward a healthier, happier life.

RUOK Day isn’t meant to be a once-a- year event, it’s meant to be the start of something new in your relationships. Too many people are either too shy or too busy to take the time to check in with their friends and colleagues. RUOK Day helps push this discussion to the foreground, helping Australia to break the silence around suicide and depression. It’s about creating a culture of awareness about the mental health of the people in your life, wherever you are. Whether you’re at work, at home or out with friends, you should
be ready to ask ‘R U OK?’. Because once everyone’s asking that more often, every day becomes RUOK Day. Going beyond a single day

At Binah Group, RUOK Day is something we can really get behind, because the core of it – looking out for each other, taking the time to show appreciation for friends and colleagues and celebrating everyone’s success – are already a part of our business’ culture.

When you work with the Binah Group, you join the Binah family, and we look after our family. Growing from a small business run by cousins and close friends Amen Zoabi and Khalil Hafza, we understand that a company isn’t a machine, it’s a group of individuals, and we never forget that. For us, we try to embody the spirit of RUOK Day every day, making sure everyone in the company always walks together and looks out for each other.

For help or for more information contact Lifeline on 13 11 14, the Suicide Call Back Service on 1300 659 467 or beyondblue on 1300 224 636.