Why Become a Binah Cadet?

Why Become a Binah Cadet?

The built world around us is constantly changing, which makes working in this industry exciting!

Since 2008, Binah has formed partnerships with our clients and the community based on mutual trust and respect. Our impressive portfolio now spans across NSW and includes notable residential and commercial projects, such as Western Sydney University’s state-of-the-art vertical campus.

We understand how important your career is to you, and our Cadet program is the first step to opening a world of opportunity, including a clear career pathway in a supportive environment.

We recently caught up with our HR Advisor, Sarah Moody, to take us through an overview of the program.

“Our program is designed to work in conjunction with your university studies, and we aim to tailor your Cadet experience to suit your university degree. Ideally, you will join the program for a minimum of two years, but we will work with you to ensure that we can achieve our best together no matter the duration.

For Binah, it is important to provide our team with an opportunity to convey their wealth of knowledge and experience to the next generation of superstars and shape the future of the business through its people.


There are many ways to enter the Construction industry, and we are excited to have Cadets from a range of university backgrounds.

We are currently looking for Cadets studying:

  • Construction Management
  • Design Management
  • Civil Engineering, and
  • Project Management

Recent Binah Graduate, Braxton Shamon, now Project Engineer, shares with us some advice to new Cadets:

“Don’t be scared to ask as many questions as you like from the multiple resources around you relevant to your present cadet rotation (e.g., Site Supervision, CA, Estimating, Design).

Take as many notes as possible during meetings, on-site discussions, email correspondence, plans, reports, even if you’re unsure. Then once you have collated a few, find time to ask the relevant people questions, then expand on your previous notes.

Always strive to have the answer to questions other people ask you, whether it be construction details, methodology, systems, processes and many more. I hated not knowing the answer when asked a question as then I had to ask those above me. It motivated me to find the answer and have it ready before people could even ask.

Take on as much responsibility as possible and strive to excel in multiple areas. Apart from increasing your confidence and knowledge, it helps you become in demand in the workplace.

Lastly, have fun at work and enjoy what you do. When you find love and joy in what you do, everything else becomes easier, and you’re destined to excel!”



Project Engineer, Akram Hawchar, was the first Binah Cadet in 2014 – he has been integral in implementing the Binah Cadets Initiative.

“Our Cadets and young laborers across different sites don’t often get to meet face to face. In collaboration with Kamal Kassis, our Construction Manager, we created a space where we could share our experiences, support one another, and work on our mindset.”

Joining the Binah family means stepping into a team of high-performing construction experts enthusiastic about guiding your journey. Our core values of Belief, Contribution, Wellbeing, Gratitude, and Immersion are the pillars of all we do.

If you find an alignment with our philosophies, we encourage you to apply to our 2022 Cadet Program.  Together we’ll create opportunities, build communities and empower our future leaders.

Together we’ll create opportunities,

build communities and empower our future leaders.