The Olive Tree and Lifelong Partnerships

Strong partnerships are built on support and commitment. We trust in each other to be honest and genuine, collectively working towards the shared goal.

A tradition valued highly in the construction industry is the topping-out ceremony. Here, we celebrate a safe, successful build through a union of partnerships. 

At Binah, we place an Olive Tree on the roof of the building and, together, acknowledge this important milestone. This tradition has become known to our clients and the broader community as the Olive Tree Ceremony.

The olive branch is widely recognised as a symbol of peace and a gesture of goodwill. 

For the Binah family, it symbolises a commitment to the project, our client, and how we behave throughout the journey.

Our commitment results in a quality delivery and drives better outcomes for our team, for our client and all other stakeholders, allowing everyone involved to make a meaningful contribution to the success of the project.

At our recent Client Recognition Dinner, our clients were presented with a platinum dipped commemorative Olive Tree branch, this solidifies our lifelong partnership, our successful delivery with an eye on the future that lies ahead.