Safety, Quality and an Environmental Focus

At Binah Group, we’re dedicated to delivering not only Sydney’s finest properties but ensuring that every project we undertake meets our stringent standards. Core to this is how we approach our obligations around quality, workplace health and safety, and environmental responsibility, working intelligently and collaboratively to help us create a better working environment, leading to better outcomes for our clients, our business partners and our staff.


At Binah Constructions, our number one goal is ensuring that everyone associated with a Binah Construction site gets to go home safely. We strive to ensure that every project we undertake is delivered in the safest way possible – creating a supportive and compliant working environment that allows our team members to do their best work. One of the most effective ways we achieve this is by being keenly aware of the risks that exist on a construction site, working with our team-members and contractors to address them as quickly as possible.

Additionally, Binah reinforces the importance of on-the-job safety at every level, working with all stakeholders to develop clear, easy to follow and effective safety procedures that work to minimise any risks that cannot be removed. Our construction team is encouraged to continuously reassess their work environments as projects continue, ensuring that new risks are quickly identified and remedied as they emerge.

Environmental focus

Binah acts in full compliance with all relevant environmental management legislation, regulations, and codes of practice mandated within New South Wales. We undertake all projects with a view to their environmental impact, making these considerations a part of the process from day one. With a workplace culture of environmental awareness, acting responsibly is simply a part of how we do business. We are always looking for new ways to encourage and enhance this culture, continually redeveloping our sustainability solutions to meet new challenges and to ensure that we’re always delivering our services in the most responsible way possible.

The future

Binah understands that to stay current, our safety and environmental policies must be living documents. To that end, we are currently consolidating current Safety, Environmental and Quality systems into an Integrated Management System (IMS). The new IMS will provide a single reference point for all of our businesses processes, enabling leaner, more effective, more efficient and easier to follow quality, environmental responsibility and workplace safety systems. Designed to better meet the future needs of our business, the IMS’ streamlined nature will help us to deliver projects to our strict standards, supporting the business objectives of our partners and clients.

To learn more about Binah’s commitment to quality, environmental responsibility and workplace health and safety, start a conversation with one of our team members today.