Recognising Lifelong Partnerships

We are proud to have recently celebrated our first Client Recognition Dinner. It was an honour to break bread and share a meal with our extended Binah family.

Strong partnerships are built on support and commitment. Each party trusts the other to be honest and genuine in its business dealings, collectively working towards the shared goal, and, if a storm arrives, you bunker down and weather it together. The unprecedented COVID 19 Pandemic was just such a storm, we rallied, stepped up and supported each other.

Our focus on lifelong partnerships is not just a phrase; it’s the way we think, behave and learn. As we develop purposeful strategic partnerships, we look towards fulfilling our customers and clients needs better.

In serving our clients and customer, we remain humble. We ask, listen, learn, and transfer knowledge from project to project. We continue to find better ways of doing things.

We have a strong company culture driven by family values, this is the basis of our loyalty and commitment to quality delivery. When you work with Binah, you become part of the Binah family. 

Buildings are central to people lives; that’s why having the best people for design, construction and maintenance matter. We continue to create opportunities for our staff to grow and develop their skills, as our team are our backbone. 

On our journey over the past 13 years, we are grateful to have to have served clients in the Commercial, Education, Social Housing and Residential sectors, providing new opportunities for future communities.

We are thrilled with success of our first Client Recognition Dinner and look forward to once more celebrating our partners, their ongoing achievements and success stories.