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Kamal Kassis, Construction Manager

How did you first find your path into the construction industry?

My father was a carpenter builder, and I guess this construction path is something I inherited.

Could you list a couple of career highlights?

a. Working alongside my father from the age of 16.

b. Had my own little construction business by the age of 23 with my brother Jimmy; we did a lot of small building repairs.

c. Had my first major residential building contract by the age of 25, which was a block of units (X18 apartments with basement car park).

d. Was recently promoted to Construction Manager after seven years with Binah.

How has the industry changed for the better in the past ten years?

The industry has changed and continues to improve. We have moved away from heavyweight building to lighter, more sustainable materials.  The industry has become healthier and more productive. There are now higher standards in place than when I first started.

Stepping into your new role as Construction Manager, what changes you are going to make in the future?

My goal is to encourage the Binah site teams to understand the true value of unity. Through this, we will see significant change for the better. The way we deliver our buildings will advance as we become industry leaders in quality. Improved communication, sequence and safety will all be a part of this progression.

What are the shifts you are going to champion?

Quality, transparency, honesty, and respect amongst the teams. I aim to ensure our teams support each other for the best outcome.

How will your Binah experience be a platform for achieving company goals in the next five years?

The beauty of being with Binah for the past 5 – 8 years is learning the importance of teamwork. The emphasis on the team working as one has made a big difference in how we operate. I have learnt to be more patient and resolve conflict by consistently referring to the company’s systems and processes.

In what area of your extensive construction career have you experienced the most growth?

I experienced the most growth over the last ten years, catalysed by the values at Binah. With the support and mentoring of Amen and Khalil, I furthered my personal development and understanding of the construction industry.

Where do your key strengths lie?

a. Leading and supporting others. 

b. Understanding construction detail and sequence.

c. Ensuring tasks are completed efficiently and effectively 

When you feel overwhelmed or lose focus, what’s your strategy?

I stop and take a step back, and then I list what I can control and what I can’t control. I don’t focus on what I can’t.

What is the key to keeping our standards high and consistently delivering a quality product?

a. Having a great understanding of what is being designed/constructed.

b. Regular site meetings amongst the team to build rapport and trust.

c. Understanding your trade’s needs and providing strong support as required.

d. Working hard to achieve results.

Growing partnerships into lifelong partnerships are at the core of all Binah operations. Can you share some benefits of establishing lifelong business relationships? 

By creating lifelong partnerships, we build a network of people that support the business and assist in achieving quality and maintaining high standards and results.

Why is it so important to provide opportunities to employees to grow within their roles? 

Together we create new leaders for the business that will carry the core values into the future.