New Appointment Interview

Jenish Narayan – Financial Controller

How long have you been with Binah

How long have you been with Binah?

Six years.

What role did you start in?


Can you recall an accomplishment in the past six years that has made you particularly proud? 

It was a major priority to support Binah staff financially and get them back to work as quickly as possible. I also worked proactively with Jobkeeper, Cash flow boost, and other government assistance programs. Our financial modelling and forecasting over Covid supported our decision-making through the pandemic.

Managing finances during disruptions to the global supply chain and a rapidly changing environment was also a significant challenge.

Providing the relevant dials for the owners and Exec team to navigate the business forward required robust forecasting and monitoring of rising costs, clear communication on claims targets for project teams, modelling of business plans and cashflow scenarios, and drawing on solid partnerships with sub-contractors.Despite key personnel changes, the finance team went above and beyond and emerged stronger than ever throughout this difficult period.

Did you find a mentor along the way who guided you professionally?

Throughout my career, I have worked with several influential managers, and each of them played a significant role in shaping my professional trajectory.

Do you have a strategy when things feel overwhelming?

I see it as a choice between persisting or conceding. I persist. By choosing to persist, I am committing myself to putting effort and energy towards achieving my goals despite any obstacles or setbacks that may arise. This mindset requires a certain level of resilience and determination.


It’s been a difficult time in construction these past 18 months. How has Binah created opportunities in the uncertainty

We have experienced unprecedented times in the industry over the past 18 months. During this time, we took the opportunity to strengthen our position as a residential building expert and, by doing so, secured a healthy pipeline for the future.

It was also an opportunity to further develop our leadership team and nurture the great culture we have here at Binah.


How do you keep organised?

Make a to-do list, triage priorities, make daily/ weekly/ monthly plans, delegate work, and establish a routine.

You’ve been with Binah for six years; how has the company changed in that time?

The business has undergone a revolution in every aspect over the past six years.  The growth and change for the business in such a short time has been impressive and exciting. 

What are some of the challenges you will typically face as a Financial Controller?

In my role, you wear many hats, from decision-making to custodian, improving and ensuring business resilience and managing the changing financial and legal landscape. 

What excited you most about this role?

The role gives me an opportunity to progress in my career, including enhancing and developing skills in many different areas, such as commercial and strategy. 

Binah is a great team to be a part of; what do you like about it? 

Binah has a great culture, and the business values each employee as a family member.

Binah has a great culture, and the business values each employee as a family member.”