Building Safer with Binah

When it comes to creating an efficient, cohesive and results-driven workplace within the construction industry, site safety is paramount. Not only does a safety compliant site contribute to the integrity of the Binah Group mission, it’s also crucial to creating an environment that fosters trust, accountability and productivity, and above all ensures the wellbeing of all stakeholders.

As a company dedicated to building lifelong partnerships for a shared future, Binah has committed to set an example as a safety first developer. Going beyond standard compliance, Binah has introduced an innovative initiative to encourage and empower our staff and stakeholders to be champions of safety.

Introducing the Safety Shield

In mid-2018 the Binah Safety Shield was introduced to highlight site safety requirements and create an award incentive for construction teams to become advocates for compliance. The scheme is built around a comprehensive safety checklist that not only demands WHS and industry compliance; it also goes a step further to encourage and celebrate positive attitudes and efficient site processes for managing safety.

How it works

Throughout every month Binah worksites are subject to ongoing assessments conducted to by a thoroughly trained and experienced IMS (Integrated Management Systems) Administrator. Using input from specific tools the inspections assess each team’s culture and willingness to participate and lead in all aspects of compliance. The inspection also evaluates the teams’ commitment to improving Binah standards, and to ensure the general safety and wellbeing of all who interact with Binah construction sites.

Project team’s evaluation criteria

  • Compliance to legislation, codes of practice, and good work practices
  • Culture on site and team willingness to participate and efforts to enforce compliance
  • Compliance with Binah’s Integrated Management System requirements
  • Willingness to carry out procedures and record keeping
  • Records accessed include site diaries, toolbox talks, prestart, meetings, coordination meetings, use of field view

Assessment Steps

  • The IMS Administrator reviews the safety activity and effort for the prior month together with any external reports from MBA and SafeWork NSW for each Project
  • A score is collated according to the provided reports
  • The IMS Administrator will nominate a winner
  • The IMS team discusses reports and delivers the final decision of the winning Project Team for the past month

What this means for Binah’s partners

Not only does the Binah Safety Shield keep our staff safe, but the creation of an ingrained safety culture also ensures that Binah partners and stakeholders have their safety in good hands. As a group Binah prides ourselves on our integrity, service and high standards, and creating a safe environment for all is paramount to an efficient, positive and successful experience.

Thanks to years of industry experience we know that project staff are most productive and efficient when they feel safe and supported to do their work. The Binah Safety Shield has proved to be a valuable addition to the empowerment of our staff, helping to deliver successful projects on time. Knowing that Binah is a safety first company developers, contractors and partners can trust their wellbeing is in good hands, and their projects are being completed by a team of safe, supported, and engaged project staff.