Executive Team Interviews

Vince Gerasolo

Where are you from originally?
I’m originally from Perth, Western Australia.

Who was the most influential person in your life when you were growing up?
My parents were the biggest influence in my life.

What or who first inspired your career in accounting?
A career in accounting was not an inspiration or light bulb moment. Fate intervened, and I had to do an accounting elective in high school, and I was good at it; not knowing which career path to follow, I chose to continue accounting. Indirectly, I started in the Construction industry. My first graduate role was in the steel industry, which supplied reinforcing bar & mesh to the Construction industry

Did you find a mentor along the way who guided you professionally?
I worked with, and for a variety of influential managers; in some way, they each shaped my career.

You’ve been with Binah for 4 years; how has the company changed in that time?
The company has undergone a revolution in every aspect over the past four years. The growth and change of the businesses in such a short time has been astonishing.

What are some of the challenges you typically face as Group Financial Controller?
In my role, you wear many hats, from decision making to custodian, improving, and ensuring business resilience and managing the changing financial and legal landscape.


When you feel overwhelmed or lose focus, what’s your strategy.
I see it as a choice between persisting or conceding. I persist.

How has the industry improved its processes in the past ten years?
The construction industry has changed from a fragmented approach to a more focused form of construction management.  The industry has embraced clear delivery process objectives that aim to improve the customer’s construction performance at the project level. A construction job is now viewed over a life cycle from design to delivery rather than individual tasks.

What do you believe is the key to managing your team for maximum productivity?
If the team own their role, their job and the outcomes. This is more than responsibility. I’m responsible for them, but when they own their job and are trained, supported, and enthused, I believe the productivity improves.

What makes a great leader/ manager?
It’s not a single thing you can point to and say that makes a great leader. I believe a great leader consistently does an accumulation of lots of little thing’s day in and day out; they demonstrate perspective and absolute belief in what they are doing and can buy into the rest of the organisation with that belief.

What is the key to keeping our standards high and consistently delivering a quality product?
A consistently high standard is the accumulation of doing the individual little things consistently well each day.

Growing partnerships into lifelong partnerships are at the core of all Binah operations. Can you share some benefits of establishing lifelong business relationships?
We recently reaped the benefits during where we had the support of our life-long partners as we navigated the uncertainty and difficulty of Covid.

What advice would you give to a construction student about entering the real world of Construction?
Everything you do is tangible; your contribution results in a building someone can touch, feel, live or work in, and will be part of the environment. What you do in Construction, no matter how small, does have an impact.

What you do admire most about Amen and Khalil and the Binah journey?
They possess an unwavering belief and positive outlook; they dissect success more than failure. Their approach is not to be focused on the ramifications of if we fail but to imagine the possibilities of if we succeed.

Everything you do is tangible; your contribution results in a building someone can touch, feel, live or work in, and will be part of the environment.”