Executive Team Interviews

Josiane Daher Ghaleb, Brand and Communication Manager

How did you first find your path into the construction industry?

Back in 2016, I was looking for job opportunities, and through a mutual contact, I heard about Binah. Walking into the company, I had no expectations of getting a job, nor what the future might hold.

After chatting with Amen, I realised I had a similar alignment to both the Directors. We shared the same level of passion for our work and creation. 

How did your studies and education in Lebanon bring value to your new career in Australia?

Studying Visual Communication in Lebanon gave me insight into Middle Eastern, European, and American trends. After arriving in Australia and studying Interactive Animation, I absorbed the Australian way, which gave me a unique melting pot of ideas. The benefit of incorporating this diverse creativity has helped me to grow my team, solve problems, increase productivity, develop strategic goals, and innovate.


Did you find a mentor along the way who guided you professionally?

I have been lucky enough to be surrounded by great mentors and supported by an extensive team of professionals along my journey. Amen and Khalil have been incredible role models in the construction industry.  Their insightful leadership has empowered me to be a better leader and to continue innovating as a passionate creative.

Could you list a couple of career highlights?

● Growing and positioning the Brand and Communications team within the company and the industry. 

By putting the spotlight on our department, we have had the opportunity to showcase our capabilities, highlight the importance of our work with the internal departments, and contribute to the growth of the business.

● Towards the end of my first year with Binah, our development arm released three new projects to the market. Collectively, we developed a marketing strategy and brand identity for each project. It was empowering to draw upon all aspects of my experience throughout the projects.

● Binah’s 10 Year celebration, back in 2018, was an incredible event for the business and a milestone for the Directors, myself and Binah.

● Client Recognition Dinner in March 2021; Leading our team to create an event experience showcasing Binah’s Lifelong Partners. 

Do you have a career ah-ha moment that you would like to share?

The creative brain often doesn’t fare well in the business environment. Mine, however, thrives in business and design equally.

When juggling the three marketing projects back in 2016, I realised I didn’t have to choose between either. The different aspects of the projects came naturally to me; my organisational obsession, my eye for detail and the knowledge and experience of other creative roles directly came into play.

That was my ah-ha moment when I realised what I am capable of, what my career path looked like, not what I was comparing myself to. 

It all became clear; all the confusion, fear and restlessness came to a halt. I now work every day in business and design, my place of passion.


What makes a great leader/ manager?

It is knowing that we are there to serve our team, not the other way around. When our team thrives, we thrive; when our team grows, we grow. Success is not a solo journey.

How has the construction industry changed during your career?

Over the past few years, there has been a welcomed shift towards prioritising the end user. All teams working on the project are now jointly accountable to deliver a quality experience. 

As a woman in a predominantly man’s world, do you have any advice or tips for other women in the industry? 

I never view the people in the room by their gender but rather their purpose. 

When talking to people, I’m not thinking about their age or title; I’m thinking about how we can best communicate to achieve a win/win result.


What do you believe is the key to managing your team for maximum productivity?

● Repetitive weekly planning.

● Consistent, open, and honest communication.

● Being ready to listen to my team, allowing time to respond and address ideas or concerns accordingly.

● Holding monthly/quarterly team feedback sessions where we review what can be improved. From here, I learn how to serve them better so that we can serve the business better together.

 ● Occasionally, we need to throw out the manual and trust our gut instinct to achieve our goals.  In recent months, for instance, we had to reprioritise the way we communicate.  During lockdown, I met with my team every morning for a quick catch up; This was a non-work-related space to talk freely about anything that came to mind; we stayed connected, stayed positive, and grew stronger as a result.

● As a manager, you have hired your team for their skills, so finding solutions together is just as important as finding solutions independently. Every team member should be empowered to lead a conversation within the team to achieve their goals. Your responsibility is to guide them if needed, motivate them when it is tough, and congratulate them when there is a win. It’s important to remember that we were in their shoes once. What problems did we face? What support do we wish were available to us?

Why, as managers and employers, should we look beyond the resume?

A resume is an excellent way to understand a timeline of a person’s life, but it’s not the end-all and be all.

We should read between the lines and look for the little pieces of gold. We can teach systems and processes, but values and work ethic are where we find strength and loyalty.

Instead of asking the same tired questions that everyone is expecting, try having a chat about life. The ‘before we start’ part of the interview is where you’ll learn the most.

When you feel overwhelmed or lose focus, what’s your strategy?

Slow down, slow right down. Go to your plan: revaluate your tasks, reprioritise, or reschedule if need be and talk to your team. If you’re overwhelmed, it is likely they could be too.

Do you have a favourite book that made a significant impact on you?

I don’t have a specific book, but I like to get my inspiration from various genres such as fiction, non-fiction, philosophy, architecture, design, medical, and religion. I like to expand my mind wherever possible. Sometimes the answer, inspiration or solution is not in an obvious location.

What do you admire most about Amen and Khalil and the Binah journey?

I admire the honesty and care behind everything they do. The countless conversations, back and forth, discussing every detail and considering every person, is something they do not because they have to; it’s who they are at the core.

What is the key to keeping our standards high and consistently delivering a quality product?

● Open communication within the internal Binah team and being prepared to change and grow together. 

● Reassessing the processes often and reassessing risk management. 

● Actioning feedback and working together to create higher standards.

What’s your process for building a lifelong partnership?

When you take the time to get to know a person and build a friendship, the business component strengthens. I take extra time in meetings, where possible, to stop and ask how their day is going and what’s happening in their world. It’s through the non-work-related conversations that lifelong partnerships emerge. We share loyalty and sacrifice. Together we problem solve, supporting each other towards remarkable results.

Why is it so important to provide opportunities to employees to grow within their roles?

Our team are all unique individuals who add value. As they grow, they understand the overall company goals, voice, and culture.

Through their own eyes and experiences, they will begin to see opportunities that others might not see, therefore becoming even more valuable.

Often leadership teams are thought to be the executive team or the most qualified within the company, when in fact, leaders are grown at all levels from all departments; we simply need to express our belief in them and allow them the space to shine.

We are there to serve our team, not the other way around.

When our team thrives, we thrive; when our team grows, we grow.

Success is not a solo journey.”