Conversations with Paul Lahoud, Client Care Manager

What is your role at Binah?

I am Binah’s Client Services Manager, myself and my team deal directly with strata and building managers who act on behalf of owners and tenants to resolve any matters post-construction. I look out for issues that can arise in construction and I implement systems to prevent the issues reoccurring.

What is Client Care?

At Binah, we know the importance of lifelong partnerships and know that our project’s delivery goes beyond the construction phase. Our customer service continues into the occupation whereby proper maintenance and upkeep add to the building’s overall value. The Client Care department helps to ensure all matters dealt with post construction are completed most efficiently. This department exists to protect the investment of the client and end user.

Why this department is so important?

We are building people’s investments, workplaces and homes. We recognise that these buildings are significant and having a dedicated department to listen and address concerns is vital to ensure our project’s overall quality delivery.

How do you document your findings?

Similar to our IMS team, we use HammerTech software. This allows us to take photos and notes and notify the sub-contractor if adjustments or corrections are needed.

How the department has changed since its inception?

We have evolved since Client Care started in 2019. We have recognised common problems and defects in the building process and have come full circle in addressing them with the construction team. I have been involved in routine inspections of our builds, especially in the lead up to completion. We have measures in place for the construction team to meet specific standards before our buildings are occupied and before handover to the Client Care team.

Purchasing off the plan has attracted some negative press in recent years. What has changed in the industry to protect the client and end user?

The appointment of a building commissioner who establishes appropriate regulatory settings to ensure buildings are safe and secure throughout their entire useful life.

With recent changes to the building and construction industry and the building commissioner’s appointment, we must ensure that all aspects of our build are up to standard. This means involving the client care team to work closely with our subcontractors and consultants during and post construction to ensure all checks and balances are in place during the construction process, which adds to the overall level of quality.

How is Binah’s approach different from other standard defects departments?

We are industry leaders in quality delivery. Our Client Care department is focused on delivering the most efficient outcome for all stakeholders. We undertake works that exceed Australian standards and building codes to ensure the building’s longevity beyond statutory warranty periods. We are very customer and client focused. We build lasting relationships through transparency, dedication and integrity.