Celebrating a night with Binah

On October 11th Binah Group celebrated another successful year with our partners, clients and our team. The night celebrated the Binah vision, a dream of community, of family and of long-term growth and success.With 10 years of experience, we’ve managed to build an incredible team of employees, consultants and partners, ensuring our folio continues to grow and our skills are at the highest standard. During the night we reflected on our journey, our community and our family roots.

Family business & the beginning

Binah began in 2008, but long before that the business owners were family. Amen and Khalil started the company on foundations of family, community and commitment. And these roots helped build a trusted and established construction, development and procurements company. In our 10 years, the small team of two has developed into a multimillion dollar enterprise, with designers, construction workers, property developers and more.

The beginning of Binah started from the ground up. A small business that led to numerous developments across Sydney, a highly regarded and accomplished business and a family. Every step was a journey towards incredible growth, but no single achievement has left behind our homegrown, family roots.

Our growth and expansion

We are proud of a growth that has come from lifelong partnerships. The Binah family is for the long run, and our partnerships with clients, our employees, or consultants, all of these are a vital part of the community we have built, and a critical element to our continuous growth.

We engage in lifelong partnerships, teaming with the Binah family: clients, employees, consultants, all combining to help us grow and develop. Over our years, our skillset has expanded and our project folio has helped develop and build Sydney’s western suburbs for the better.

A framework of community engagement

We are proud of our commitment to community – being a critical part of Sydney’s developments and infrastructure. It’s this community engagement that has led to our incredible growth.

Our family takes pride in our work; every project is fulfilled with a keen attention to detail and a desire to create the best possible outcome. From unique, modern residential complexes to commercial properties in vibrant business hubs, it has been a pleasure to engage with so many passionate and incredible teams to ensure a thriving community for the long run.

Without the contribution and belief from our staff, our partners, our consultants, suppliers and our family, Binah wouldn’t be where it is today. We push our gratitude to the community we have helped build, with special thanks to everyone who has helped Binah grow.

A framework of community engagement

With such growth and success over the last 10 years, Binah is extremely excited to see what the future holds. 2018 has already shaped up to be an incredible year. In 2019 we hope to:

  • Strengthen strategic alliances to better capitalise on opportunities in the south west of Sydney
  • Continue the Liverpool Central and Auburn project: A large scale project that is set to help expand on the south west region of Sydney, ensuring capital growth and better community engagement
  • Increase client loyalty and engagement – continue to invest more in our people. Mentorship is essential and so is a focus on people. We believe in engaging through our family roots, creating a community of skilled and professional workers who are passionate about Binah
  • A new financial controller – We are excited to announce a new position for Binah Group – the Financial Controller. This position will help Binah create leverage and contribute to charting a path for us over the next few years. An excellent addition to the family
  • And further invest in Binah’s resources

With 10 years under our belt, Binah Group is looking forward to the next 10 years and many, many more. We are excited to take on the journey with our clients, our staff and the rest of Sydney.