Binah Cadet Program

At Binah, with a transparent approach, our purpose is to provide our clients with the service and support they need to make their project a success.

Binah believes that developing its staff is critical to the success of the company and its future. The Cadet program supports young, passionate, committed, and motivated individuals, with strong ethics and honesty, who are willing to take on responsibility, in line with studying with the aim of developing talent into an exciting career as a professional builder with Binah.

The Binah Cadet program is a structured program, based on rotations through Binah’s core business units, to give you a holistic understanding of the construction process, from design concept through to occupation.

Benefits of the Binah Cadet program

Cadets at Binah are provided the opportunity to work with Design Managers, Estimators, Site Managers, Project Managers and our Construction teams to engage with a range of projects at varying stages of development.
You will be a part of a team of high performing construction experts, learning from a young and innovative group of people, enthusiastic about your future, and the future of construction.
Binah Cadets are classified as full time employees, allowing you to accrue paid leave for holidays and uni exams.
We offer flexibility around your university studies, and give you the opportunity to increase your work days when you can, but to also ramp down around exams and assessments as needed.


Who is
this program for?

There are many ways to enter the Construction industry, and Binah is excited to have Cadets from a range of university backgrounds.

It is integral that your studies come first, and your place in the Cadet program is dependent on your successful completion of all university requirements.


Current accepted bachelor’s degrees include:

  • Construction Management
  • Design Management
  • Civil Engineering
  • Project Management


This program is ideal for those with two years or more left on their degree, however you can still apply at any stage of your degree.

Application Process

Applications will open in September 2024.