Behind the Build // Parkside


Client: APH Holdings

Architect: Sam Semaan

Completion Date: August 2021

What was the purpose of this project?

This project had multiple objectives in the form of investment that creates multiple economic and social benefits by meeting the need for more housing.

Why was this particular location chosen?

In this particular location, the local council (Bayside Council) promotes high-quality urban design outcomes within the aforementioned Social and economic factors. At times providing design and/or developer incentives in various forms. 

What does this particular location offer the end-user?

This location allows the end-user to live and integrate socially within a very diverse and accessible location. Being directly adjacent to Chail Park & Cooks River and a very short distance to various retail precincts and transport hubs.


Did the site present any challenges for you?

The site posed many challenges in various forms. The key to overcoming these challenges is the ability to overlay these constraints and find the opportunities within.

Was sustainability considered in the design?

Sustainability is always a consideration in our designs. This particular design placed emphasis on the integration of buildings within landscaped and communal landscaped zones that directly contribute back to each of the dwellings in the form of passive environmental and sustainable design.

What elements of the design do you like the most?

The opportunity for the end user to engage either within the development via the landscaped podium, and communal roof terrace, as well as the ability to venture out with in a 5km radius and enjoy the benefits of living in a cosmopolitan and diverse neighbourhood.