Behind the Build // Mile One

Mile One

Client: Poly Global

Architect: Scott Carver

Completion Date: April 2021

Contract Type: Design and Construct

Project Manager: Rick Shah

Introducing, David Sacks Associate and Project Lead – Scott Carver Pty Ltd.

Mile One is a residential development that leverages off the current local infrastructure, amenities, cafes, schools and open spaces and ultimately aims to positively contribute to the future residential identity and sense of community in Kogarah North. 

The proposal explores in its design and articulation a new urban character and typology for medium/high-density housing in Kogarah: Apartment dwellings which are afforded the same amenity, residential/domestic identity and sense of neighbourhood belonging, typically ascribed to single detached garden homes or terraces. 

The design aims to activate the local street character and communal spaces to maximise the opportunities for lively casual interaction with one’s neighbours. These events are set against framed district views of Kogarah North to create a constant connection and re-connection with the neighbourhood, community and the precinct’s urban environment to instil a sense of community identity, place and belonging.

Mile One is comprised of 116 Apartments and 3 basements.

Why was this particular location chosen?

It offers many positive attributes for the end-user providing value for money.

What does this particular location offer the end-user?

This location offers the end-user great district views, local infrastructure, amenities, cafes, schools and open spaces.

Did the site present any challenges for you?

There were a few challenges with this narrow site with its required setbacks and building height, but any site constraints or challenges lead to the positive design process to create a well-articulated and interesting built form.

Was sustainability considered in the design?

Yes, through a variety of design principles such as;

· Utilising low maintenance materials, 

· Construction materials selected to reduce heating and cooling costs. 

· Drought resistant Landscape planting lower water used for landscape irrigation.

· Comprehensive BASIX analysis of the building included in a separate BASIX/ESD report.

· Conforming with the principles of SEPP 65 through the consideration of apartment orientation to achieve solar access and ventilation.

What elements of the design do you like the most?

As one enters the building, they are presented with a dramatic split in the building which is landscaped up to the roof and offers views to the Lane behind and districted views on every level. This design element offers significant amenity to the resident with regards to the natural and social realm. The split in the built form also breaks down the urban scale of Stanley Street, allowing light and air to flow through the communal spaces and ultimately helps identify and highlight the entry and arrival for the resident.

How has the journey of working with the Binah team been for you?

Working with the Binah team has been a thoroughly enjoyable process from the outset through to completion. Their skill and build quality for Mile One speaks volumes. I look forward to working with Binah in the future.