Behind the Build // IQ Burwood

IQ Burwood

Client: Atlas Property Group

Architect: Kann Finch

Completion Date: May 2022

Contract Type: Design and Construct

Project Manager: Kamal Kassis

Why was this particular location chosen?

The location was chosen as it provides great amenity to the residents, being close to public transport, local infrastructure, retail, and public parks and recreation.

IQ Burwood feels luxurious and spacious, yet warm and inviting. How do you strike this balance in the design phase?

Consideration to high quality efficient layouts while also maximising the amenity and outlook of the apartments were at the forefront throughout the design phase. The apartments were not designed to an absolute minimum, which in turn provides a spacious and luxurious feel, which is particularly relevant and important in the current climate.

As Burwood’s first intelligent building, what does Smart Living technology offer the occupants?

The inclusion of smart technologies in the design provides a building that meets the needs and expectations of todays connected lifestyle, providing the occupants connectivity, flexibility, security and peace of mind.

Did site present any challenges for you?

Every site is unique and presents challenges and opportunities. For this site retention of a large mature eucalypt to the eastern boundary informed the building design. This became an asset to the development creating a focal point to the communal areas, while also providing a filtered leafy outlook to the apartments above.

Was sustainability considered in the design?

Sustainability was considered in the design. Making sure first principles or passive design elements were right, goes a long way to providing a high performing building. These were then overlaid with active elements such as PV panels, car charging points, energy efficient fixtures and fittings and the like.

Which elements of the design do you admire the most?

There are numerous elements on the project.

A couple would be the realisation of the planned spaces, which as a user you don’t see but experience, and the high levels of amenity and outlook to the apartments. The composition of the building, facades and palette of materials has also come together nicely.

How has the journey of working with the Binah team been for you?

Working with Binah has been a positive and enjoyable experience. The people at Binah are enthusiastic, and care about the product that they are delivering. I look forward to working with them in the future.