Behind the Build // Botany


Botany Road, Botany

Client: Anglicare

Architect: Group GSA

Completion Date: May 2021

Contract Type: Design and Construct


Introducing, Maryam Bouroumand Associate – Group GSA

1375 Botany Road is an affordable housing development comprising a 4-storey building of 18 studios apartments. This includes a high level of amenity to the residents such as individual kitchens, bathrooms and balconies in each apartment, communal BBQ areas, landscaped terraces and an undercover parking.

What was the purpose of this project?

Our Botany project offers a range of affordable housing options to cater for increasing demand within the local community. Proposed is a boarding house development with 18 Boarding rooms.

Why was this particular location chosen?

This location offers easy access to public transport and shops providing fantastic amenity to residents. The site is 10km away from Sydney CBD, with bus stop and retail shops along the front on Botany Road.

Did the site present any challenges for you?

The development is situated in a Heritage Conservation Area. The challenge was to cater for modern living amenities while providing an appropriate contextualized fit with the surrounding streetscape and adjoining developments. In order to achieve this the 2-storey datum line of the adjacent building is continued along the front of site with the white double storey façade which is then divided into two volumes by a recessed shadowline. The proportions of these two white volumes reflect the narrow streetscape pattern along Botany Road. The upper floors are appropriately setback from the streetscape and finished in a dark recessive colour.  

Was sustainability considered in the design?

Apartment facades along Botany Road have been oriented towards true north to maximize solar access during winter. This has resulted in an interested folded geometry along Botany Road. Where privacy is not impacted windows have been provided along 2 opposing facades maximizing cross ventilation throughout the unit. Numerous upper floor units have been provided with clerestory windows to further facilitate cross ventilation.   

Photovoltaic cells on the roof harness solar energy, reducing demand on non-renewable resources.

What elements of the design do you like the most?

The façade articulation reflects a considered response to site conditions including Heritage significance and passive environmental control. This has resulted in a geometrically striking and site-specific built form.

How has the journey of working with the Binah team been for you?

I have enjoyed working with Binah on the Botany and Fairfield projects.. Both projects are demanding with an extraordinarily fast paced program. Binah have shown exceptional resilience throughout this process to meet the demands of the project. What I enjoy the most is witnessing Binah’s passion for construction as well as the fellowship and support among the team. It has been a pleasure working with Binah to date.